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Mali Radojica or a Multicultural and Multiethnic Happy End

Radojica the Kid. Radojica is pronounced Rah-doy-ee-tza. In the epic, Radojica is referred to as “little”. It is not quite clear if the definition implies that he was short or young or the junior among other Radojicas. He was a border raider and therefore he may be safely called The […]

The Glory That Was Rome

Lead roles: Lucius Papirius Cursor. N.B. It is not an invented name (see Livy, History of Rome,Book XXII). This Lucius is the great, great, etc. grandson of the founder of the honorable Cursor family. The pure Roman lineage has been disrupted when Lucius’s father married a princess of the Visigoths […]


Grant Wood painted American Gothic in 1930. If the painting seems different nowadays, that just proves that time has no mercy. Time has changed Grant Wood’s sister, his dentist and even the setting. What does the future hold for this beauty?


Full name: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Playing for the emperor in Schoenbrun. Composing Eine kleine Nachtmusik in broad daylight. Having a good time with Konstanze. To many he is best known for the delicious Mozartkugeln.

Easy Street

A new man on the town. Going for a tattoo. Meeting buddies. A friend. Driving without a helmet!? A heated argument ensues. People stop to watch and listen. More people gather. Some kind of helmet is found. The policewoman has left. She left in a state because she recognized the […]