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Jack and Jill in Wintertime

Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a better view of the winter scenery. After they had a good look from the top of the hill, they started their descend on a more rugged slope. Jack fell down, did not brak his crown but Jill did come tumbling […]

A Merciful Twist

Let us change the course of events in the novel An American Tragedy by Theodor Dreiser. The penniless, hardworking Roberta Alden is just as beautiful and attractive as the wealthy, pampered and elegant Sondra Finchley. When Clyde Griffith took Roberta on a row boat out on not the Big Bittern […]

Madame Bovary

Dr Bovary on his way to see a patient. His wife, Emma, was “educated” on schmaltz. Her refusal to accept that reality cannot be up to her romantic ideas leads to a tragic end.

Cheyenne Automn

Directed by John Ford, Cheyenne Automn was the first movie I saw in which the Indians were the good guys. The plot of the film revolves around an actual event. In 1878 the Northern Cheyenne, previously relocated from their traditional homeland  to a reservation in Oklahoma, found their living conditions […]