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Amelia Earhart Ready to Take Off

Amelia Earhart posing with the first all-metal airplane.  

An Accident-Prone Guy

Notorious for his reckless driving Harrison had an accident when he cut off a bus. Fortunately, nobody was hurt except him.  Harrison was taken to the nearest hospital where Dr. Baum established multiple injuries. Dr. Baum and nurse Angela teamed up to make Harrison whole again. In no time Harrison […]

When the Benz Velo Became an Old-Timer

In 1905 Edmond got his first car, a Benz Velo built in 1894. His father had no use of it anymore because he just bought himself a Model T. Out for a ride with the pretty Miss Mary Goodwin, Edmond paid  more attention to her than the road.  Soon Edmond […]

The Maiden of Kosovo

Early in the morning of June 16, 1389, the Maiden of Kosovo,  is trying to find her fiance among the many wounded and dead on the battlefield.