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The Many Dresses and Faces of Scarlett O’Hara

The Dresses White, ruffled dress in the opening scene of the movie. In the movie this dress is white muslin with green print.  The colors are reversed in this recreation but the daring decolletage is the same. The simple, everyday dress in the Civil War scenes. The curtains at Tara […]

Coats, Wraps …

Autumn 1945 – Flared, three-quarter length, single-breasted jacket and pencil skirt in blue wool, white mohair sweater with blue and grey stripes, white mohair beret, white leather gloves. Autumn/Winter 1958 – Woolen, trapeze coat over a lavender, sack dress, white,  brimless, felt hat,  lavender trim, white leather gloves.   Spring […]