Easy Street

Mew arrival

A new man on the town.

Going for a tatoo
Going for a tattoo.

Meeting buddies

Meeting buddies.

A friend is found

A friend.

No helmet

Driving without a helmet!? A heated argument ensues.

People gatther

People stop to watch and listen.

More people gather

More people gather. Some kind of helmet is found.

The policewoman has left. She left in a state because she recognized the guy in the hoodie.

Fake arrest

The arrest. It is a fake arrest. The guy is an undercover cop. The guy is also her long lost sweetheart.

Finally together

Finally together. But duty calls.

Undercover & Real People

The undercover cop meets some real people and they go to see a movie.

The punk

The out-of-control teenager.

Outofcontrol & outofcountrol wannabe

The out-of-control teenager’s friend is an outout-of-control wannabe. Soon they get tired of each other.

Wannabe odlazi

Wannabe goes one way and

Vanabijev momak

meets an art student.


The out-of-control teenager is all alone in the middle of Easy Street.

N.B. I did not make her outfit. It was bought on Easy Street.

To be continued eventually. There are many more characters on Easy Street.