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Two Instrumentals

Napoleon was instrumental to Jacques-Louis David. David was instrumental to Napoleon. Napoleon went about making history so David would have what to paint. If it was not for David, maybe Napoleon would not be in our art history books. This is what their sessions looked like. One version of the […]

A Touch of Monty Python’s FC

The two of them stated it at an early age. “Heathcliff!” “Catherine!” “Heathcliff!” “Catherine!” Years went by. “Heathcliff!” “Catherine!” “Heathcliff!” “Catherine!” Finally they meet in Emily Bronte’s novel. “Heathcliff!” “Catherine!” The end is near. And now for something completely different: Heathcliff on his way to pick up young Linton from […]

Two Renaissance Teenagers with Problems

These are Mercutio and Juliet. The picture was taken a while ago. . The other troubled teenagers and the love story of Romeo and Juliet will not be elaborated at great length because we know the story only too well. Romeo meets with Friar Laurence to set up the wedding.[/caption=”Hush, […]