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Cleopatra and Her Men

This is Cleopatra attired as the goddess Hathor. All ancient sources praise her intelligence and charm. She spoke several languages, among them the language of the Egyptians which the other rulers of the Ptolemaic dynasty did  not bother to learn. (The Ptolemaic dynasty was of Greek origin. The first Ptolemy […]

The Many Dresses and Faces of Scarlett O’Hara

The Dresses White, ruffled dress in the opening scene of the movie. In the movie this dress is white muslin with green print.  The colors are reversed in this recreation but the daring decolletage is the same. The simple, everyday dress in the Civil War scenes. The curtains at Tara […]

Coats, Wraps …

Autumn 1945 – Flared, three-quarter length, single-breasted jacket and pencil skirt in blue wool, white mohair sweater with blue and grey stripes, white mohair beret, white leather gloves. Autumn/Winter 1958 – Woolen, trapeze coat over a lavender, sack dress, white,  brimless, felt hat,  lavender trim, white leather gloves.   Spring […]

Banović Strahinja – A Serbian Narrative Poem in Decasyllable

Sometime in the second half of 14th century,  Strahinja (“nj” is pronounced like in “canyon”) was the lord of the territory west of Kosovo. The name, Strahinja, derives from the word strah which means fear, awe.  Such names were given to ward off evil. The descriptive Banovich, meaning son of the […]

Henry VIII Fourth Wife

Her name was Anne of Cleves. The marriage did not last longer than six month because Henry did not find Anne attractive enough. He already had his eye on Cathrine Howard.  During those six month, however,  Anne did her best to  reconcile Henry’s daughters, Mary and Elisabeth, to each other […]

Project Runway

This episode was never seen on TV. Part One The contestants in this made-up season pose with choice fabrics bought at  Mood’s. Heidi tells the designers that their new challenge is to create a fabulous outfit for a doll celebrity –  for Barbie. This desinger is very despondent. He says: […]

Pride Parade 2013

The pictures were taken not during the parade but at the gathering points of various groups. Most costumes were ordered from Mattel.

Les Liaisons dangereuses

The Marquise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont are plotting how to corrupt innocent people. Soon, Chevalier Danceny, the music tutor, disruppts their tete-a-tete. Valmont is taking his leave. Chevalier Danceny mortally wounds Valmont in the duel. (Note that Marquise de Merteuil’s dress is made after Watteau’s sketch of the sack-back […]

True or False

  Did Walter Raleigh lay his cloak over the mud puddle in queen Elisabeth’s way? Was there a puddle? Is  Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, the Young Man Among Roses?