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Real-Life Idea for a Soap Opera

It all starts with the abs and the guy who developed the abs. The guy has a virtual relationship with a real housewife far away. Here she is, trying to avoid the cameras and the wind in her hair. The housewife tells the guy that she has been receiving threatening […]

Henry Rousseau or Francisco Goya

Henry Rousseau, also known as Le Douanier, painted two versions of his dream. The original version. The second version.

The Arnolfini Marriage

  Giovanni Arnolfini married Giovanna Cenami in 1434. A member of the wedding was Jan van Eyck. The painter’s wedding present was this portrait which made the Arnolfini couple celebrities to this day. The following i-phone snapshot shows the Arnolfini couple on their way to van Eyck’s studio for posing. […]


Gaylord Ravenal hopes Magnolia will love to have him back. There is Joe in the background, singing Ol ‘Man River.

The New Look

                                Christian Dior’s  1947 collection. Neusatz-Ersatz, 1954 or so

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks with an object of art in  the background.

Pierce Brosnan Oscar Winning Roles

Setting a precedent,  Pierce Brosnan got two Oscars for his double role in the same film.  His leading role as chief  Sitting Bull and supporting role as Sitting Bull’s son,  Crow Foot, earned him the double nomination and double win.                     […]

Ingmar Bergman: The Seventh Seal

Death and the knight play chess for very high stakes.

Crossing the Street

Somebody took a snapshot of me.