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Heidi and her grandfather live happily together. Heidi’s best friend is Peter, the goatherd. Heidi and Peter’s blind grandmother also spend a lot of time together.   Suddenly, all changes. Heidi’s aunt takes Heidi to Frankfort where she is to be a companion to Clara Seseman who is treated by […]

Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven

Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven is the English title of the Soviet blockbuster  Табор уходит в небо. The film was made in the 70’s  The romantic drama between the major characters is accompanied by beautiful gypsy music. The song Loli Phabay became most popular on youtube.      

Frank Sinatra

In the forties with Nancy. Surrounded by fans.   Bonus Picture: Hats in the 40’s

A Bar at the Follies-Bergère

Originally the barmaid’s face was supposed to be more expressive of what she was really set on selling. While painting, Manet changed his mind and made the barmaid look bored and tired or professionally impassive.  

Seurat: Un dimanche après-midi à l’ile de La Grande Jatte

My friend, Seurat, and I  were often together  at la Grand Jatte. He was sketching, I was taking photos. Often  our mutual friend, the writer Emile Zola, would join us. Like Seurat, Zola looked for inspiration among the representatives of various classes, who gathered at La Grande Jatte. Many passers-by […]

Eduard Manet’s Model for Nana

Manet’s model for Nana was the actress Henrietta Hauser. The painter liked his models so much that he made another painting of Henriatta Hauser in the same blue corset. That painting is exhibited in Germany under the title Frau vor dem Spiegel. Below are the model and the painting.  


The primary function of underwear is utilitarian. Underwear keeps us warm, keeps away the bodily fluids from the outerwear and protects the body from the maybe coarse material of the upper garments. Underwear also has an erotic function but there were stages in its development when underwear was less than […]

John Everett Millais: Ophelia

The painters take really looked like this: Ophelia was not singing while she was drowning. She was just serene in the midst of all the marsh muck.

Elisabeth Taylor

Elisabeth Taylor’s close-up in one of her early movies as a grown-up: The Father of the Bride. Batterfield 8.