OPŠIRNO PREPRIČANA “ŽENIDBA KRALJA VUKAŠINA” THE WEDDING OF KING VUKAŠIN IN FULL DETAILS Priča se da je mali, žgoljavi kralj Vukašin poslao pismo King Vukašin, a scrawny little fellow, sent a letter to Vidosavi, ljubi vojvode Momčila. U pismu je predložio da Vidosava otruje Momčila, uda se za njega, Vukašina, […]

Dušanova ženidba, ep obilat junačkim delima

The title translates to: The Wedding of Tsar Dušan – An Action Packed Narrative Poem Car Dušan je načas prekinuo pisanje svog zakonika da bi poslao svog vezira Todora u Ledjane kod kralja Mihajla. Vezirov zadatak je bio da prstenuje Mihajlovu kći, Roksandu, i da se sa Mihajlom dogovori o […]

The Nutckracker

Two scenes from the ballet.

Scenes from the Life of the Tudors

YOUNG ELIZABETH BLOODY MARY After the short reign of Edward IV and even shorter of lady Jane Gray, Mary became the first reigning queen of England. She married Philip of Spain. Her marriage was not a happy one. MIDDLE-AGED ELIZABETH Elizabeth’s couselors were William Cecil and his son Robert. Hans […]

Shifting Problems

Rosa Parks just got off a bus. It is not the bus in which she made history. This one is not in Montgomery, Alabama. It could be anywhere in the States, maybe anywhere in the world. The present problem is that the front seats reserved for seniors and disabled persons […]

Fashion Show

The Trapeze Piere Cardin’s Large Bow The above photos were shot at an exhibition of Parisian couture at the Museum of Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The next ones were shot on the streets of Philadelphia. A blue tight jersey dress with collar and pocket flaps in subdued colors for a […]

The Art of Painting

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675): Self-portrait of the artist. Vermeer at work. The Muse of Painting. Note that in antiquity there was no muse of painting. Self-portrait of the artist feeling good about himself and the work done.

Amelia Earhart Ready to Take Off

Amelia Earhart posing with the first all-metal airplane.  

An Accident-Prone Guy

Notorious for his reckless driving Harrison had an accident when he cut off a bus. Fortunately, nobody was hurt except him.  Harrison was taken to the nearest hospital where Dr. Baum established multiple injuries. Dr. Baum and nurse Angela teamed up to make Harrison whole again. In no time Harrison […]