Heidi and her grandfather live happily together.

Heidi’s best friend is Peter, the goatherd.

Heidi and Peter’s blind grandmother also spend a lot of time together.


Suddenly, all changes. Heidi’s aunt takes Heidi to Frankfort where she is to be a companion to Clara Seseman who is treated by her governess Mss Rottenmeier as an invalid. Miss Rottenmeier is a scheming, evil characater,

Clara’s father is home for Christmas with presents for Clara and Heidi.

Aftera certain eventful time, Heidi and Clara are at grandfather’s cottage.

The clean mountain air and water, and grandfather’s goat cheese made Clara feel better and better.

Heidi, Clara and Peter picnicked every day.

But Peter was jealous of Heidi’s frrendship with Clara. He did something really mean.¬† He wrecked Clara’s wheelchair.

But it all came to a good end. Clara learnt how to walk.

And they all lived happily ever after. One day television was invented and they all watched Dynasty.