The Many Dresses and Faces of Scarlett O’Hara

The Dresses

100_6790White, ruffled dress in the opening scene of the movie.

100_6983In the movie this dress is white muslin with green print.  The colors are reversed in this recreation but the daring decolletage is the same.

100_7139The simple, everyday dress in the Civil War scenes.

100_7000The curtains at Tara were used to make this dress.

100_7178One of the lavish dresses Rhett bought for Scarlett on their honeymoon. This dress is Mattel’s.

100_7196The dress in which Scarlett made Ashley forget himself.

100_7219The burgundy dress made by Mattel.

The Faces

100_6819Scarlett is upset. She is running away from the Tarleton twins to digest in solitude the news of Ashley’s engagement to Melany.

100_6979Nice Melany meets not so  nice Scarlett.

samarIn the first of the many Ashley-oh-Ashley scenes, Scarlett slaps Ashley.

100_6752Rhett Butler makes himself known.

100_6934Melany and Ashley go so well together.

100_6985Scarlett accepts a slice of cake from Charles Hamilton.

100_7128Scarlett among the wounded.

udesenaAgainst the sky lit by Atlanta burning Rhett decides to join the Cause.

100_7039“I shall never be hungry again.”

100_7098“Another hungry mouth to feed.” says Scarlett but Melany knows it just not anybody, it’s Ashley.

100_7104 (2)Another Ashley-oh-Ashley scene.

100_6942Scarlett find Rhett incarcerated.

100_6953The flirting was in vain. Rhett has no cash.

100_7184Scarlett on her honeymoon in New Orleans.

100_6769Rhett is doing his best to build up his respectability. He is eager to know how  to stop his daughter from sucking her thumb. Mrs Mead is full of good advice. Scarlett shows no interest whatsoever.


Yet another Ashley-oh-Ashley scene.

100_7233 Scarlett defies public opinion alone.