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The Moral of the Story May Be Wrong – Yet It Is a Moral

Once upon the time there was young man who had nothing but a ladder. He set out to earn an honest penny working under the ground,  on the ground and high up above the ground. Fed up by climbing his ladder and getting nowhere, he decided to become the right […]

Trouble with Robert Andrews, His Wife Frances, Not to Mention the Dog

The Andrews are doing their best to stand still while Thomas Gainsborough is sketching them. Initially, the dog  was in the right place. The dog was soon all over the place or nowhere to be seen. Ultimately,  the Andrews had enough, too. Despite the trouble with the models, Tomas Gainsborough […]

Liza Minnelli

Absolutely magnificent in Cabaret.

Meeting at Rittenhouse Square at 5 p.m.

It is almost five. The young man has to take a taxi. She hurries, too. Happy together.

The Lady with the Tutti-Frutti Hat

Carmen Miranda leads the Mummers parade in Philadelphia. No time to change for dinner in Atlantic City.

Inspired by a Luttrell Psalter Illumination

A beautiful illumination in the Luttrell psalter.   Not Sir Geoffrey  Luttrell but Friedrich I Barbarossa, the Holy Roman Emperor (1122-1190).  Friedrich is embarking on the Third Crusade.  Seeing him off are his mother and his beloved spouse. On his way to the Holy Land, Friedrich passed through Rascia (now […]

Jersey Shore

Nowdays Bathing Beauties in the Forties The Roaring Twenties Photoshopped daguerrotype.

Multicultural and Multiethnic Happy End

Radojica the Kid. Radojica is pronounced Rah-doy-ee-tza. In the epic, Radojica is referred to as “little”. It is not quite clear if the definition implies that he was short or young or the junior among other Radojicas. He was a border raider and therefore he may be safely called The […]

The Glory That Was Rome

Lead roles: Lucius Papirius Cursor. N.B. It is not an invented name (see Livy, History of Rome,Book XXII). This Lucius is the great, great, etc. grandson of the founder of the honorable Cursor family. The pure Roman lineage has been disrupted when Lucius’s father married a princess of the Visigoths […]


Grant Wood painted American Gothic in 1930. If the painting seems different nowadays, that just proves that time has no mercy. Time has changed Grant Wood’s sister, his dentist and even the setting. What does the future hold for this beauty?